About Us

The Music Angels International Foundation, Inc. is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in music service to the public.

The current times that we live in are fraught with much global, social, and economic ills in so many parts of our society and around the world. Against such a backdrop of hardship, the M.A.I. Foundation has seen its birth through the vision of the pianist and scholar, Paul Kim, and his wife, the soprano and writer Judith Jeon. It is a vision which was formed in the early 1980s with their tiny seed of inspiration and personal resolve to someday contribute something positive to society with their talents and gifts in music.

Across the long and distinguished careers in music performance and education, Paul and Judy have been active in the world's leading concert stages. Ever since the early days of their careers they have also made personal efforts to reach out, with their personal visits and music performances, to the less fortunate among us—those who subsist in the shadows and in the margins of our society. Among the people whose lives they have touched with their music are those who are infirmed (some of them in terminal illnesses), from broken families, orphans, the abject poor, aged seniors, young people lacking access to education and the arts, and the handicapped. These life-defining experiences and relationships have been the ethical foundation upon which the M.A.I. Foundation has been established.

The activities of the M.A.I. Foundation are three-fold: music performance, education, and charity work. Our aim is to advance a culture of public service with our music through outreach programs and educational collaborations with various arts organizations and social agencies. We also seek to nurture the development of the talented and emerging young artists in their service to society with their music.

In the able hands of the outstanding and leadership in the Board of Directors and the dedicated work of the officers and staff, the future of the M.A.I. Foundation is truly auspicious indeed.